About Us

      • ProDevLabs is a Premier Wound Care R&D and Preclinical CRO. We are a Full-Service CRO and can help clients navigate the process of commercializing a new product, with 30+ years’ experience in wound repair and regeneration, biologics, biomaterials, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals.


  • We believe that we can help grow your company through meaningful and impactful ways. We build trust with our clients through innovation and high caliber science.



    • Dr. Mitch Sanders is a Serial Entrepreneur, C-Level Executive, and Scientist developing advanced wound care products for the past 30 years with 20 peer reviewed publications and 45 world-wide patents. Dr. Sanders was founder and CEO of ECI Biotech (1998-2016) and his company developed the first infection diagnostic for chronic wounds (Bacterial Status), sold by WoundChek Labs. Over the past 20 years Dr. Sanders has secured over $65M in strategic partnerships for new product development. Mitch founded ProDevLabs in 2023 with the same team he strategically put together over the past 10 years.

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    • Our suite of services includes:

      • Drug & Device Development
      • Preclinical Practices
      • Intellectual Property Portfolio Management
      • New Product Development
      • Scale Up Manufacturing
      • Biocompatibility
      • Regulatory
      • Business Development
      • Go to Market Strategy
      • Technical M&A Advisory Services

      Let our expert Scientists and Business Advisors help your team to ensure speed to market and commercial success.

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