Drug & Device Development

Drug & Device Development Lab

About Our  Service

ProDevLabs can help you develop and optimize drugs and medical devices, with specializations in wound care therapeutics and antimicrobials. We cover the entire preclinical development process for drugs and medical devices, from idea to animal studies. We have successfully transformed clients’ ideas and patent portfolios into focused and defensible intellectual property.

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Why choose us

A candidate drug or prototype medical device requires rigorous development to achieve IND or 510(k) readiness. Our project managers and scientists act as an integrated part of your team to manage the entire process from concept to an approved product.

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Our Services

  • Biomechanical Testing
  • Genomic Profiling
  • Diagnostic Design
  • Proteomics & Protein Stability
  • Histology and Pathology
  • Cell Models for Advanced Wound Healing
  • 3D Biofilm Printing

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