Preclinical Wound Care

About Our  Service

We offer a variety of in vivo models, such as diabetic mouse and porcine models, as well as other preclinical assays to study all the phases of wound healing. We have extensive experience running animal models, particularly in the wound healing, antimicrobial, and oncology spaces, where we have various models already up and running.

Preclinical and Ex Vivo Models

  • In vitro—2-D cellular assays
  • In vitro—3-D skin equivalent
  • Ex vivo wound models
  • Rodent wound-healing models
  • Diabetic wound-healing models
  • Porcine model of wound healing
  • Rabbit ear wound model
  • Ischemic wound model
  • Denervation wound model
  • 3D Printed Biofilm Model
Preclinical Wound Care.png

Our Expertise

We perform all aspects of your preclinical studies, from model selection to animal ordering to treatment administration, and statistical analysis. In the case that your product development calls for a model we don’t have running, a preclinical study specialist will work with you to determine the most suitable model and organize a pilot study to confirm rigor and reproducibility.

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